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The Best Time to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

We are environmentally friendly!

We are committed to nature an environmentally safe tourism amongst ourselves and the visitors that we host. While tourist activities are meant to be enjoyable moments of exploration, sometimes there can be an overboard tourism by products, litters of plastic bottles and packages being one of the hardest one to control! At Pounce we are committed to always have safe waste disposal methods and always encourage our visitors to have a reusable water bottle throughout with convenient refill methods!

We practice eco and sustainable tourism!

For every dollar injected into Pounce for a purpose of tourism, we always spare a share of it to return to the community around the national park covering the social services like water, schools and electricity. In addition to that, all of our expenditures inject cash flow into the local producers and small-scale traders. We are sure that it goes along way including change of the social economic status of the local people.

Cultural immersion!

We are particularly unique in how we give a chance to the visitor to experience a cultural immersion that is completely unfiltered. We want you to have the right story, we want you to demystify some of the perspective that you have long learnt from different sources. We wat you to live some of the true stories also that you already know about! This will particularly live you more grateful, purposeful and empathetic but top of it all, more hopeful!

Customized itineraries!

There are a variety of ways to experience Tanzania, whether you are coming here for the first time or this is another time! We always have something exciting and uniquely different for you to experience regardless of the number of times you have been to Tanzania. That is why we have a strong communications team to carter for your needs each time you want to visit! Let us take off of your shoulder the hustle to plan the trip at the same time give you’re an experience that you desire!

We are Holiday Friendly!

We understand that, there are different purposed to travel! While we love a full-on itinerary from the wildlife adventure and mountain climbing to a relaxing time in Zanzibar, we understand that one might want to take it a bit slow and click a pause-button to the ever-spinning life hustles! We support that and have itineraries for book Authors, commercial photographers, historians and journalist who may have a specific goal to their getaway to Tanzania.