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Type of Accommodations in Tanzania

If you are planning to travel to a superb destination with natural wonders, Tanzania should be at the top of your list. This marvelous country is home to world-famous attractions such as Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Tanzania is also home to untouched national parks with pristine vegetation and abundant wildlife, which are situated in various locations of this fabulous country. As you explore the magical attractions of this lovely country, you may need some classic accommodation facilities for spending your nights. The type of accommodations that you may use depends on your choice (and absolutely your interest). Whether you want an accommodation that connects you to the wilderness or a luxury one in the wilderness with a comfortable life. Here are some types of accommodations in Tanzania.


Lodges are permanent and comfortable accommodation facilities located inside or outside the parks. They offer visitors with comfortable life filled with luxuries and funniest moments in the African wilderness. They are usually large with spacious rooms made of concrete walls and floors. Visitors will get time to relax after a busy day exploring the natural beauty of Tanzania. Most lodges are equipped with modern amenities such as flush toilets, Wi-Fi, spa services, restaurants, bars, shops, and a gym. Other things that you can enjoy while you are staying at a Tanzanian lodge include a swimming pool, hair dryers, laundry service, and locker facilities.

Lodges can be classified into two groups; luxurious and mid-range lodges. Luxurious lodges have classic services with large spacious bedrooms compared to mid-range lodges, which have small rooms.

Why choose a lodge

Safari Lodges offer unique comfort and luxury to safari-goers as they are suited to modern amnesties. They make you feel at home while enjoying every minute of being there.  

Tented Lodges

What differentiates lodges from tented lodges is their connectivity to the natural surroundings. Tented Lodges give you a blend of nature and luxury. They have wooden floors raised above the ground with walls made of canvas. For proper circulation of air, Tented Lodges have huge net windows. Tented Lodges are also permanent and may have 15 to 25 tents or rooms.

Tented Lodges have dining rooms, lounges, swimming pools, and ensuite toilets. Professional chefs are there to cook your delicious meal. This type of accommodation is best for enjoying yourself in the middle of the jungle. You will enjoy the views of savannah, forest, and wildlife, and complement your nights with the sounds of wilderness. However, some tents may have stairs, so you will climb up to your room.

Why choose a Tented Lodge

Tented Lodges are more close to the nature than lodges. They enable you to combine the luxury life inside them and the stunning views and sounds of the wild.

Tented Camps

Unlike Tented Lodges which are immobile, Tented Camps can be mobile. They can be moved from one location to another. However, the Tented Camps of Tarangire National Park and Serengeti National Park remain in the same location throughout the year. Special mobile tented camps are dedicated to trekking the Great Migration in Serengeti National Park. From December to March, the camps are situated in Southern Serengeti, especially in the Ndutu area, and from June to October, the camps are situated in northern Serengeti.

Why stay in a Tented Camp?

Tented Camps are eco-friendly and solar-powered. They enable visitors to sleep in luxury tents while enjoying the noises of the wild. A tented camp may have 8 to 12 tents, and the cost of spending a night in these world-class tents may be as high as luxury lodges.

Basic Camping

You may choose to spend your holiday and spend your nights at campsites. This type of accommodation is commonly used by visitors who want to have an adventurous budget safari. You will set up a tent on a public or private campsite, and you will share some amenities with fellow campers such as toilets and a kitchen. Campsites are usually designed inside the parks except for Lake Manyara National Park, where the campsites are located outside the park.

You will carry some gear like a sleeping bag, tent, foam mattress, pillow, foldable chairs, and a table. Your meals will be cooked by a cook whom you have to choose, or your operator will assign you.

Why choose Basic Camps?

Basic camping is very affordable to all visitors, and it connects guests to the wilderness. Visitors fall asleep while enjoying the dreams mixed with the sounds of the wild.

City Hotels and Lodges

Arusha City is a bustling safari capital of Tanzania, where most safari-goer spend their nights on their arrival day. The hotels and lodges found in this city and in Karatu are extraordinary and five-star. They are a perfect place for relaxing after your arrival. Moshi is another cosmopolitan town in the Kilimanjaro region where you can find many safari hotels and lodges.

Tanzanian Safaris are exceptional when you choose to travel with Pounce Africa, an excellent tour operator for Tanzania Safaris. You will enjoy spending your day in magnificent parks while enjoying your nights in the classic accommodation facilities of your choice. You should consider planning a trip to this country if you want to enjoy all the wonders of Tanzania Safaris.