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Tips for Travelling to Tanzania 2024

Tanzania is a destination for wild safaris that allows you to have the best expedition of the wild, but also a blend into a beautiful culture. In addition to the beauty of the mainland wild savannah plains, it’s also blessed with a range of mountainous structures as well as craters, to top it off, the island beaches tops off your adventure with a relaxed end. Have you planned your Tanzania safari in 2024, it all begins with planning ahead, as it just the beginning of the year, this the right time to start planning ahead for the most adventurous moments of your life?  Plan your Tanzania safari with Pounce Africa Safari and we deliver your dream safari just like you have always imagined it. Pounce Africa Safari is among the best Tanzania Safari companies that offers low cost for your Tanzania safari. We have the best Tanzania Safari packages that can accommodate solo trips, family trips as well as the group trips. We have different safari packages, pick you package today and let the adventure begin with us.

Below are the tips that will help you plan your unforgettable Tanzania safari in 2024.

Plan your Tanzania safari ahead and obtain all the necessary document that you will need to have before the adventure begins. You will need to check your visa requirements, and if you have a valid passport with at least six-month validity. Obtain of the visa varies with nationalities, remember to check if you need to obtain the visa upon arrival or before the arrival in Tanzania.

  • Make a right choice of when to have your Tanzania safari in 2024. The timing normally depends on the tourism activities that you will love to take part it. You can have a Tanzania safari throughout the year. Tanzania normally experiences two season that’s the dry season which is between the months of June all the way to October. The rain season is normally from November to May. The dry season is the best for game viewing activities as the vegetation cover is lower animals can be easily seen from a distance and most likely the gather around the water sources. It’s also the perfect time for hiking Mountain Kilimanjaro and Mountain Meru. The wet season is well known for the bird watching activities, as Tanzania is the paradise of different colorful bird species, game viewing is also ideal during this season as the grass is greener and the landscape is exceptional beautiful. Have a chat with us pounce Africa safari and we will advice you on when is the best time for Tanzania safari depending on your preferences.
  • Explore the beauty of the wildlife found in different national park in Tanzania, Tanzania is well blessed with many national parks that are well parked with different wild animals and some are only found in our land. Visit the famous Serengeti national park in your Tanzania safari and witness the mass animal migration. It doesn’t end there, the beauty of Ngorongoro crater, can only be witness with your eyes as you have a u thrilling view of wild animals from the crater rim and going deep inside the crater where numerous different wild animal species calls it home.
  • Be ready to embrace the culture of more than 120 tribes that are found in Tanzania. Learn the common greeting in Tanzania “Jambo” as you will meet local people around the street. Always remember to ask for their permission before taking photos of the local community. Also remember to dress modestly, there are some rural and religious places that are sensitive to the dressing, hit our inboxes anytime and we are here to assist you on what clothes to pack for your Tanzania safari.
  • Expect some unpredictable incidence that might occur, always have an open mind and be ready to adjust to any unexpected circumstances. Be ready to have a life time adventure, while some uncertainties may occur be ready to have a positive attitude and enjoy your safari. Be open and experience a new culture, taste some cultural foods as you explore the beauty of this land.

A Tanzania safari is well known for the beautiful landscape, numerous national parks, the beautiful blue beaches of Zanzibar and the home of the Africa highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Explore Tanzania today with Pounce Africa Safari and have unforgettable experience and services.