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The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro crater is the ground for several wildlife, accompanied with enormous features which makes this territory a crown ornament in Tanzania. Having the title “the most visited wonder of nature in Tanzania and in Africa” the Ngorongoro crater is also among the seven wonders of African Continent and among the top 10 wonders in the world. Being located in Ngorongoro conservation area along the great rift valley this crater is way north of Tanzania, located in the Western side of Arusha city which is best known as the capital of all tourist destinations in Tanzania. Ngorongoro Crater is a must visit place, as it obviously the leading African Safaris destination.

What is the size of Ngorongoro crater and how was it formed?

Being the Largest Caldera in the whole world, the Ngorongoro crater covers approximately an area of 264 square kilometres with the proportions of 16 by 19 kilometres crossways. It was formed million years ago nearly 2.5 million years ago as a result of a volcano eruption that occurred leaving the steady caldera as it’s foremost remnant. As of today, the caldera’s ground is chiefly open grassland a home to black rhinos and the famous Big Five.

The Best time to visit Ngorongoro Crater.

Pounce Africa has a responsibility to advice on the best time to visit knowing any best memorable experience should always be done in the best time or duration forecasted and so is for the Ngorongoro crater call. This crater experiences both seasons that is the dry and wet season in different durations in a year. The dry season covers all the way from June to October, characterized with hot sun, clear sky, no or little rainfall this season is best for game viewing during the day. It might get very cold during the nights and mornings too. Despite it being the best period to visit it might not be a good selection for tourists who don’t like to be affianced in a crowd environment as it gets crowded since it is the high season.

The wet season in Ngorongoro crater comprises of heavy long rainfalls and short rainfalls occurring at different duration within this season. This time of year, flows all the way from November, December, January to May where the short rainfalls fall in November, December and somehow June. And the long rains are experienced on March, April and May but virtuous enough the rain does not last the whole day, and it does not rain daily. Ideally this is not a best season to travel to some tourists but might be a good choice for budget tourists, those who don’t like crowds and for pluviophiles too.

What are packages that Pounce Safari Offer for a Ngorongoro Visit?

The packages offered for a Ngorongoro Safari ranges from one to the other. This includes a 3 days Safari, a 4 days Safari, 5 all the way to 7 days Safari. These selections vary with the budget and the kind of experience a tourist wants to have. It also assortments from a medium stay to a luxurious safari. It also adds in the experience to visit other parks being the Tarangire National Park, Manyara, Lake Natron and Serengeti National Park.

As from Arusha Airport (Kisongo) the distance to Ngorongoro crater takes almost 170 kilometres which is approximately a 3 hours’ drive.

Activities to do in a Ngorongoro Crater Safari.

A safari should be stimulating and astounding and that is what the Ngorongoro crater experience does. Some of the activities done in the Crater by tourists includes the Game drive, bird watching, photographic safari, balloon safaris, walking safaris, canopy walks, drumming Maasai warriors, Crater rim walk, filming, camping (an interesting experience), Maasai Cultural tourism and many more. These experiences and activities depend with the number of days a package covers and budget too.

The birdlife in Ngorongoro Crater

The crater is home to over 500 bird species which decorate it with beautiful colors and romantic songs of singing birds. Some commonly encountered birds include the Common ostrich, Sacred ibis, flamingos, Hartlaub’s turaco, Cape teal, Egyptian goose, Guinea fowl, Yellow-necked spurfowl, Tawny eagle, White-backed vulture, Augur buzzard, and White-faced whistling duck among many others.

Best places to stay in the Ngorongoro Crater.

As unique and spectacular the Ngorongoro crater is, ribbons of joy and serenity also comes from the lodges a tourist stays. The accommodation at Ngorongoro crater varies tremendously but all have their own tastes and deluxe assets. A stay can be life lavishing depending on the ability to meet the expenses and how your budget is. Some of these accommodations provide a great view to the caldera. The best accommodations include The Ngorongoro Crater Lodge one of the best and expensive hotel, Entamanu Camp, Kirurumu Ngorongoro, Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, Ngorongoro Sopa, Lemala Ngorongoro Camp, The Highlands, Gibbs Farm and many others.

Ngorongoro Crater is waiting for you to explore it in different and unique ways possible. Let the serenity of nature speaks to you in the best manner and give you the calm safari you deserve.

Pounce Africa Safari creates not only an exciting tour to this tourist attraction but also offers number of packages that will guide and smooth the chance to experience seeing all these animals on the astonishing safari and generate a memorable experience.