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The Beauty of the Easter Holiday in Zanzibar with Pounce Africa Safari

Zanzibar is a country in the United Republic of Tanzania. The 1964 union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar is the result of today’s nation, known as Tanzania. Therefore, Zanzibar is an Archipelago located in the Indian Ocean with mainly three major beautiful islands known as Unguja, Pemba and Mafia. The islands of Zanzibar can be reached in mainly two ways, water through marine instruments or Air by Air facilities. Roads and railways are not yet installed due to its nature. However, you can access them inside the islands.

Zanzibar is very famous in the world due to its history, tour sites, natural food, harbors, culture and local music just to mention a few. While in Zanzibar you can cherish your dreams of being in places on the earth which feel unreal. Many visitors who come to visit Zanzibar as part of their vacation throughout the year have left with options to return for more. In this article, we will give you a summary of what you should expect when you think of visiting Zanzibar and discovering the beauty of the Easter holiday.

First, you must know that Zanzibar is formed with islands. While what comes to mind with many countries which are formed by islands is beautiful sceneries, water safaris and sand beaches, Zanzibar offers you extra to beautiful historical places, the famous Stone Town and Prison Island.

The following are the places in Zanzibar, where you can cherish and discover the beauty of the Easter Holiday.

The Stone Town (Mji Mkongwe)

The historical Stone Town of Zanzibar is the only place in Africa where you can feel the existence of different world cultures from the 18th Century. It collects the African, Arab region, Indian, and European cultures of more than a millennium. This can be seen and evidenced through the available buildings and their ruins. Apart from the history of Mji Mkongwe, you will be amazed at how powerful the ancestors were in building the houses which last till today from the 18th and 19th centuries, when building materials like cement did not exist.

The Stone Town will give you all insights into the culture and traditions of the peoples of Zanzibar, you will have chances to dance to their local music (Taarab) and time to taste Zanzibar’s nice food. And if that is not enough you will have a chance to bathe on the shores of the Indian Ocean which surrounds the Stone Town.

The Zanzibar Island (Unguja Island)

You can nourish your Easter Holiday by visiting the beautiful Zanzibar Island. What makes this island so special is its shining white beaches at the shores of the aquamarine waters and the beautiful gently swaying palm trees which facilitate a frantic promenade walking if city life is not what entertains you in Zanzibar. 

This island ensures you reconnoiter the cobblestone street of Stone Town, from the West coast of Zanzibar Town. Visiting the old fort of Zanzibar, the old sultan’s palace and the old St. Joseph’s cathedral is one of the entertaining activities, the other includes the testing and smelling of the original local lemongrass, turmeric root, vanilla and lemongrass. The least to add is the island’s attraction to heavy thongs during the summer season.

Mafia Island

The beautiful Mafia Island and its bordering small island are located in the southern part of the Zanzibar archipelago. While you are in Dar es Salaam, Mafia Island is found south of the city. The beauty of Mafia Island is facilitated by its sea turtles and dugongs which are extremely rare species of marine animals. 

The former is facilitated by the coral reefs which are attractive and more entertaining with divers and snorkelers in it. This island offers you all the potential to cheer up your Ester Holiday. You can have chances to swim, play with the sea turtles and castigate your family with the beautiful sceneries of the sea during the sunset.

The Island of Pemba

The Island of Pemba is very famous for its green nature. Apart from being a quiet and undisturbed Island, this island is also eminent for its scuba diving and fishing safari, avail of turtles, barracudas, and swordfish which are more attractive to see. 

The island satisfies you with its existence of reef sharks, yellowfin tuna, and Napoleon wrasse. Attractive indeed and very fascinating to see and visit during the Easter season.

The prison (changuu) Island

Have you ever felt the essence of witnessing how the slave trade prisoner cages have been transformed into tortoises’ cages for their protection? Well, only one boat up to Changuu prison where the famous Prison Island is located is worth it.

This Island is famous for its vast Aldabra giant tortoises who live in the island. These tortoises have the special ability to drink water by their noses that’s what most visitors are irritated to witness.