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Safety while in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The last time Tanzania entered into war was in 1974-75 when the nation fought against the dictatorship regime of Idd Amin Dada of Uganda. Since then up to date, only peaceful moments occurred in the country. Therefore, speaking of peace which is the foundation of safety Tanzania is top-notch. According to the Global Peace Index Tanzania ranks as the safest travel destination on the continent, it stands as the safest place to live in and even as a tourist. The TANAPA data shows that the tourist number has risen to 1.5M in 2022, a 64% increase from the COVID-19 hit of the year 2021.

To describe how safe is Tanzania especially this year let us look at the three elements which give the ground for safety.

Education and Training

Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism have conducted great work in providing education and training to the wildlife police and rangers who protect the area surrounding the National Parks. The rationale for the education and training of the said officers is not only to protect the wildlife animals but also the tourists against the vicious wildlife.

Policy and Laws

Tanzania has enacted friendly law which ensures the security of the tourists while they are in the country. These laws have sections which hinder tourists against all forms of discrimination as well as create favour in terms of Visa and Work or Travelling Permits.

Hazard Identification

Tanzania has a special programme for identifying whatever things may cause harm to the people in the national parks or the Game reserves and ensures if that thing is found then is destroyed as soon as possible for the benefit of the Tourism sector.

Let us look at the overview of safety in Tanzania.

Safety in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the Business City of Tanzania and the Capital city. Many activities are conducted there due to its population. Many visitors who want to visit Tanzania often Land at the Mwalimu Nyerere International Airport which is in Dar es Salaam. Overall, the safety of travellers is ensured with the security which is available around the airport. However, you are advised not to enter into conflict with local people as they will not hold back in time. Most Tanzania are very polite and have manners, they care about other guests and they hate to be disrespected. In hotels, you are advised to book rooms for accommodation in the top-rated Hotels for they have stable mechanisms for security and safety insurance, unlike the local hotels where your safety is not guaranteed.

Are there tribal or ethnic conflicts in Tanzania?

Many African countries suffer from Tribal Conflicts which lead to civil wars, but this is not the case in Tanzania. The country has more than 120 tribes and different ethnic groups that live harmoniously with each other. They may identify each other by tribe name just like how they would identify a foreigner by “Mzungu” but this doesn’t mean anything in the line of tribalism or any sort of animosity among themselves. For Tanzanians, it is first the “Utanzania” that matters more than individual tribes. Besides that, all the tribes in their numbers have a common belief of treating each other as equals and uniting and helping each other towards the struggle to earn daily bread and raise kids. Unlike some countries in the zone, Tanzania doesn’t have specific areas where a certain tribe or religion is given priority over the other, Tanzanian neighbours envy them for their togetherness and ability to embrace what they have as a nation first before their differences.

Any political Chaos?

Tanzania is a multiparty country that has the main ruling party and several other opposition parties and even though election years heat up hard amongst the rivals, there is usually a safety “the Utanzania” that blankets all the rivalry and limits any form of violence against each other. Political debates are usually open and everyone is welcome to have an opinion making it one of the strongest democracies. There has always been a peaceful power transition, even after the tragedy of losing a president while in power.

8 days in Tanzania

If you are about to visit Tanzania for a long holiday or vacation of about 8 days and you are wondering about your safety or your family’s safety then worry not. The country is well equipped with different systems of security which will safeguard you and your properties. In case of suspicion, you can always visit the nearby police station if you are alone or using guides from the Safari Company which you booked for travelling. The best and the safest tour operator in Tanzania you can always rely on is Pounce Africa Safari. The safety will ensure you with chances to visit a lot of travelling destinations in the country.