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Miracle Experience of the Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Wildlife Safaris vary from rough roads, where 4×4 wheel Land Cruser cars are used to water with boats, and currently air safaris where special balloons filled with helium are the instruments which manifest your safari. Before the balloon safari experience came into practice, road and water safari were common and favorite to many visitors apart from walkie-talkie with the tour guides.

With roads, most visitors were able to do tourism while covering large areas of land, with sides view, back and front as a center of concentration. Here, for example, most of the wild animals were able to be seen as well as a beautiful scenery of water, flowers and wild insects. However, this type of wild safari tourism was limited to only the surrounding environment where the cars can be driven. In this case, most of the safari experiences were poor due to tiredness and unsatisfactory with tourists due to the limited concentration of animals and wildlife plains.

While the negative effects of land safaris were tiredness and limited access to wildlife scenery, water safaris had many challenges in common despite their wide safari coverage. Water safaris indeed give tourist chances to explore many things in islands like those of the Zanzibar archipelago, where beautiful sceneries, relaxation and sand beaches are the rationales for their attraction. With water many difficulties occur, most of them associated with health. In this case, you can see many tourists frequently vomit due to dizziness which leads to headaches.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris unlike other types of wildlife safaris have more positivity than negativity. It has many features and potential which serves as a very special type of safari experience in any wildlife park. Many tourists who experienced this type named the Hot Air Balloon Safari a Miracle experience safari tool. To cement their opinion, let us see some of the advantages of using the Hot Air Balloon as a tool for wildlife safari expeditions as follows:

Wide Coverage

With Hot Air Balloon, the tourists can view a large area of the wildlife sanctuary which will ensure them with satisfactory chances of expediting, watching and being amused with the availability of all species of wildlife animals, especially those that dwell on trees, such as the Mikumi National Park Lions and Colobus Monkeys. A more fascinating fact is put on the sky view and the wildlife land area expedited where beautiful scenery of flowers, trees, birds and trees can be seen at once.

Much Comfortable

Hot Air Ballon safaris unlike other types of wildlife safaris leave users in much more relaxing ways since it is overall comfortable. While the air flows in its circles, the wind allows tourist to enjoy their safari even more. Furthermore, the tourist needs no other tools to see far away, with Hot Air Ballon the navigation is quite moderate unlike other types of safaris where telescopes are important tools.

Safety and promising

Hot Air Balloon is both safe and promising for all users despite their age and health limits. You can take kids on Balloon Safaris and they will be as much safer unlike using vehicles which their safety is not guaranteed. With vehicles sometimes wild animals may not treat the tourist well due to their vicious nature, also the kids will be able to see a lot of animals, beautiful sceneries and ideal wild plants which will imprint unforgettable memories forever. This type of Wildlife Safari is also auspicious for aged people since it is not uncomfortable.

Places you can enjoy Hot Air Balloon Safaris.

Experience a fantastic balloon safari over the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks and the private Grumeti Singita Reserve, enjoying breathtaking scenery and uninterrupted views as you embark on a magical journey.

Why is it Called “A MIRACLE EXPERIENCE?”

Many tourists find it hard and sometimes ask frequent questions about why the Hot Air Balloon wildlife safari is often nicknamed “the Miracle Experience Wildlife safari.”

Well, the Hot Air Balloon Wildlife Safari is a truly once in a lifetime experience. Imagine flying with the Balloon over the beautiful sceneries of the mighty Serengeti National Park, the Selous (Nyerere National Park) and the Mikumi National Park where you have a chance to see absolutely everything about nature. Wild animals, birds, water birds and insects at once.

The Balloons after being filled with helium, take off at the break of dawn, which is around 6 am at this time you will have a chance to spot all kinds of animals you want. Since animals are found mostly at dawn. Since the balloon mostly lasts an hour or two, you will have a nice time taking the famous ”Champagne Bush Breakfast” in the balloon’s wilderness.

Since the maximum capacity of the Hot Air Balloons is 16 passengers per adventure, you must book your tickets timely.