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Frequently Asked Questions About Zanzibar


Zanzibar is becoming increasingly famous amongst the travel enthusiasts in the world. Its historical and beautiful culture as well as the historical antiques like the buildings make it a fascinating place to visit that keeps pulling visitors in large numbers.

Here is a list of common limbos that one might have while planning for a trip and considering the archipelago as a destination:

Do I need a visa for Zanzibar?

For tourist purposes its not always cumbersome to obtain a visa to Zanzibar, however there a specific nation with requirement to always obtain their visas beforehand even when available on arrival. In addition, it’s important to have a document checklist approved with your travel agent and cross check the requirements on the immigration websites of both the home country and Zanzibar (Tanzania)

How long do you need in Zanzibar?

For a truly satisfying tour in the island that is not rushed and that allows to immerse into a captivating and exceptional experience, you must schedule to stay in Zanzibar a minimum of seven days but not limited to seven days only. One can choose to stay more and there will always be something int store for them.

Is the food price affordable?

Yes! There is plenty of nutritious food, and there are many places that you can choose to eat from. Food prices go as low as 5USD per meal. It really is about your choice of the place you eat. Also always choose bottled water and beware of the place you buy sea food, its best bought while freshy made and hot.

Is it worth it to invest to come into Zanzibar for tourism?

Yes, Zanzibar is worth each single penny that you have set aside for travel, travelling in Zanzibar is soul healing and therapeutic. You will learn about the beautiful Swahili culture and enjoy the blue sea and white sand beaches perfect for your rejuvenation.

Is Zanzibar an excellent holiday destination?

Zanzibar is among the world most anticipated destinations that has welcomed a lot of influential people with positive affirming feedbacks. From the antique ruins of the Old Persian architecture, the Swahili culture, the beautiful beaches and spice farms and markets to the famous seas food market, Zanzibar is a vibrant city that has vast attractions for both local and international visitors.

Is travelling to Zanzibar expensive?

You don’t need to squander or be extremely extravagant for you to experience Zanzibar! Most of the time, the highest cost you will encounter would be your flights to Zanzibar, every else can be tailor made to your tight or a bit loose budget. Most of the things are fairly adjustable and you have a range of choices of your expenditures.  

Is Zanzibar a Safe travel destination?

Yes, Zanzibar and Tanzania in general are considered world’s safest place to go to. Market places can be a risk to snatching and pick-pocketing, therefore advised to leave valuables like passport within your place of domicile.

How welcoming are the locals?

If you dream of a culture blending, it is in Zanzibar that you can achieve that, the people and their culture is welcoming to visitors, you will go home with an image memory of the smiles of the local people in their colorful khanga wrapped on their waist.

Is Zanzibar Sea-safe to swim?

The sea shore is almost always safe to swim, if you visit Zanzibar during the dry season, you will enjoy the most of your swimming, and even some extreme water games. If you aren’t a good swimmer there are trained instructors to safely help you enjoy Zanzibar.

Are there sharks in Zanzibar?

Swimming with sharks is actually one of the popular activities done in Zanzibar.

The sharks that are found in Zanzibar are known as REEF SHARKS, which are typical HARMLESS. Also, there are other white sharks often seen in the profound waters yet there have been no shark assaults in past. 

When is the appropriate time to tour in Zanzibar?

The best timing for visiting Zanzibar is surely during the dry season, the archipelagos dry season lasts from May to October. And the wet season runs from mid-March to May and another wet season briefly between November and mid-January.

Which month of the year is suitable to visit Zanzibar Island?

It really does depend on the particular activity of interest while in Zanzibar, generally for tourist purposes, its best to choose the dry season approximately a month in September through October. This is because most of Zanzibar enjoyment will be based on outdoor activities.

When is the best time for an ideal scuba diving in Zanzibar?

Again, this activity needs a well settled water that is clear for one to enjoy the views. Even better if it’s a first-time moment! It’s recommended to scuba dive between July and August, if you miss that then its best to along February to April just before the heavy rains.