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Frequently Asked Questions About Tanzania Safaris


FAQs this is the abbreviation of the words Frequent Asked Questions. FAQs refers to the list or set of questions with their corresponding answers analyzed clearly about a particular topic or subject, especially when someone is providing basic information for a website or users. FAQs are intended to help people or followers of a particular topic or subject to strengthen their understanding on the subject matter. These questions and answers are also helpful when people are seeking for facts and answers about a particular topic.

Also, Frequent Asked Questions can be termed as common questions, common answers, well – known questions, well – known answers and also it can be listed questions and answers.

There are various questions that tourists and visitors are likely to encounter when they decide to have a visit on a certain national park, game reserve, island or any other place that appear to be attractive and that people can be comfortable spending time at.

Here are a few questions and answers that you need to familiarize with as you plan to embark into this life time adventure.

Where is Tanzania?

Tanzania is located in the Eastern part of Africa, bordered by Kenya and Uganda in the North and Congo in the west and by a stretch of Indian Ocean on the East. Tanzania is a birth union of a country Tanganyika and the Zanzibar islands.

Do I need a separate visa for just either or the mainland and the Zanzibar islands?

There is a requirement for a tourist visa for entering Tanzania in general, you don’t need a separate mainland and islands visa. Just one of them is sufficient to cover for either part of the union.

What’s the visa acquisition process like?

A tourist visa is usually obtainable on an instant reach for citizen of certain countries, however for some of the countries, its important to process the visa before arriving to Tanzania. There is useful information both in the home country and the Tanzania’s immigration websites.

What languages are used for communication?

Tanzania’s official languages are English and Kiswahili, in a casual situation Tanzanians would speak Kiswahili while official communications is usually given options to either be in English or Kiswahili depending on fluency of the parties corresponding.

What is the best time to visit Tanzania?

Dry season is the best time for Tanzania’s wildlife tourism and mountain trekking. Most of the animals would be out in the field for a hunt and thus the best views, also the mountain terrains are less challenging during such period thus higher success rates.

Do we have foreign cuisine in Tanzania?

While Tanzania prides itself with tasty and delicious local recipes and meals, we recognize that as a host to many tourists a year we need to have a range of options for our tourists. Whether it’s on the accommodating facility or nearby restaurants a range of international menus are available!

How much is local food?

Local food is relatively affordable in Tanzania, and there are usually decent places where this food can be easily be gotten. It’s advised to always eat a hot served meal.

Do I need a vaccination for covid before entering Tanzania?

Covid vaccination is no longer a requirement, however you might be required to present a covid negative rapid test that is within 24 hours, for our safely you might need a malaria prophylaxis if come from a free or less endemic malaria area.

Is Tanzania safe for tourists?

Tanzania is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Despite having more than 200 ethnicities and a mix of religious believes, Tanzanians still live in harmony with each other regardless, for them its their brotherhood as a nation comes before their individual ethnicities.

What are the precautions that one should take while in Tanzania?

While its safe zone for both the locals and the tourists, its important to take certain precautions while in Tanzania, usually safe to be home early before its totally dark, or always have a local escort. There could be a street from of hand picking and petty theft like snatching, so valuables are best kept at the accommodation.

What kind of dress codes are acceptable?

Most of the casual and professional wears are acceptable in a Tanzanian culture, however you want to be careful with too revealing clothes. Always have a piece of a cloth that you can cover your revealing outfit when exploring cities especially near institutions like mosques otherwise it will be offensive to both yourself and the locals.