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About Us

Pounce Africa is a locally-found and owned Safaris company that is committed to unlock for you some of the most untouched safari experiences in the world right here in Tanzania.!

Inspired by brotherhood, two high spirited brothers literally pounced to the idea of establishing not only a safari company that will touch their own lives but also send a radiation of impact to the community, present and future. The founders have an immense knowledge in the tourism and hospitality sectors and are making an effort to couple their learned and inherent tourism experience with environmental and community sustainability given their own backgrounds inspiration.

We are thrilled and prepared to make your experience customized to your needs as an individual or group: Whether it’s an adventure in the wild to explore and photograph the famous Big Five all under one roof, a landscape experience to see the extremes of the Ngorongoro crater and the wonderful plains of the Serengeti categorically placed as one of the world heritages, or a challenge to hike the world’s free standing volcanic mountain, the Mount Kilimanjaro.

We are equally passionate about sharing your love story and enabling you to experience it in the most enjoyable, private and intimate manner! We love love-birds! That’s why we have carefully curated package for our honeymooners!  We have a variety of choices for you to choose how to make memories as you mark the special entry to a new gate in your lives! Our honeymoon packages span from an adventure that starts in the wild with a happy ending in the famous exquisite blue water and white sand beaches in the majestic spicy island of Zanzibar, to just an entirely relaxed exclusive Zanzibar honeymoon!

Pounce Africa is also prepared to unlock the cultural door for you! While most visitors experience a cultural shock, we are here to ease things for you, enable you to immerse and mingle with the people and get a true first-hand experience of the culture

Our lucky country Tanzania, doesn’t just have the landscape, the wildlife and a peace inspiring history! Tanzania’s culture is exemplarily beautiful! From the local foods, the local attires, the people’s mannerism and culture blend is exceptional! More than 200 tribes coming together unified to build a country, extremely welcoming and ready to share selflessly the little they have!

Pounce Africa is also prepared to give you a chance to spend meaningfully! All our purchase in preparation to give a tour of your lifetime are intentionally done to support the local subsistence producers and small-scale traders so that we can uplift their economic status. Pounce Africa employs locally therefore your travel is also changing lives a day after another!

You must also know that pounce Africa is committed to green tourism, we are very careful on how we conduct our tourism activities i.e. we are environmentally friendly and we know how the future generations depends on our decisions for them to enjoy the heritage we currently have.

Find out about our convenient and safe booking methods of our safari and choose a sample of a package that you would want us to customize it to suit your budget and time! We are renowned to keeping our time and communicate effectively to our clients for a customer is a true chief to us!